Making the Future – Occupations, Interventions, Empire and Resistance (Noam Chomsky) [2012]

making the future

En samling essäer med – för mig –  vid det här laget – välbekanta ämnen. Irak-kriget. Hyckleriet kring mänskliga rättigheter. Dubbelspelet om Israel-Palestina. Demokratins underminering. Den pseudoliberala intelligentsians opportunism. Klimatfrågan. Kärnvapen-armageddon. Hetsandet mot Iran. Finanskrisens klassnatur. Statskuppen i Honduras. Massakern mot Gaza (Cast Lead). Arabiska våren. Wikileaks. Occupy.

Konsekvent, tålmodig, kunnig, enveten, hederlig. Jag saknar de längre texterna, de enorma fotnoterna, teserna som hamras hem med otaliga exempel. Nästa bok får bli en tjockare.

It is, presumably, more than coincidental that President Clinton militarized the Mexican border, previously quite open, in 1994, along with implementation of NAFTA.

Recently, when Vice-President Cheney was asked by ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz about polls showing that an overwhelming majority of US citizens oppose the war in Iraq, he replied, ”So?”

”So — you don’t care what the American people think?” Raddatz asked.

”No,” Cheney replied, and explained, ”I think you cannot be blown off course by the fluctuations in public opinion polls.”

Later, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino, explaining Cheney’s comments, was asked whether the public should have ”input.”

Her reply: ”You had your input. The American people have input every four years, and that’s the way our system is set up.”

More broadly, sensible plans exist to restrict all production of weapons-usable fissile materials to an international agency, to which states can apply for nonmilitary uses. The U.N. Committee on Disarmament has already voted for a verifiable treaty with these provisions, in November 2004. The vote was 147 to 1 (the United States)  with two abstentions (Israel and Britain).

Aghast at the atrocities committed by US forces invading the Philippines, and the rhetorical flights about liberation and noble intent that routinely accompany crimes of state, Mark Twain threw up his hands at his inability to wield his formidable weapon of satire. The immediate object of his frustration was the renowned General Funston. “No satire of Funston could reach perfection,” Twain lamented, “because Funston occupies that summit himself… [he is] satire incarnated.”


The interplay of satire and real-life events become ”even more enlightening,” Serge Halimi wrote in Le Monde Diplomatique, “when, to defend his country’s borders, the charming pro-American [Mikheil] Saakashvili repatriates some of the 2,000 soldiers he had sent to invade Iraq,” one of the largest contingents apart from the two warrior states.

The basic history is not seriously in dispute. South Ossetia and Abkhazia (with its ports on the Black Sea) were assigned by Stalin to his native Georgia… relative autonomy until the collapse of the Soviet Union… A small Russian force supervised a long, uneasy truce, broken on August 7, 2008, when Georgian president Saakashhvili ordered his forces to invade… The predictable Russian response drove Georgian forces out of South Ossetia…

…80 percent of Americans think that the country is going in the wrong direction… and a stunning 94 percent object that government does not attend to public opinion.

[Jeju Island’s] history, however, is far from idyllic. In 1948, two years before the outbreak of the Korean War, the islanders staged an uprising to protest, among other issues, the division of the Korean Peninsula into North and South… South Korean police and military forces massacred islanders and destroyed villages… the death toll may have exceeded thirty thousand… In 2005, Roh Moo-hyun, then South Korea’s president, apologized for the atrocities and designated Jeju an ”Island of World Peace.”


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