Paradise Reclaimed (Halldór Laxness) [1962]


Steinar – händig, begåvad, oskyldig, lurig, bondslug, för bra för sin värld, jfr Bjartur – ej fientlig

sveps med av ödet, än hit, än dit. inga beslut, ingen filosofi, följer sin näsa (oskyldigt), tuggas av maskineriet, letar efter nåd – Island lyssnar inte på ropen till det nya landet ? De andra är kvar, små i sinnet. Dotter utnyttjas, oskyldig.

Great men covet the pony

fairy horse  childhood, innocence, nature, Iceland, beauty ? spoilt vs mnoney

Love, as we now call it, had not yet been imported to Iceland.

g. ”I am well aware that it has never been thought proper for a poor man to own a fine horse,” he said. ”And I realise that this is why you important people are now rnaking so much fun of me, bless your hearts. Or

Christian hypocricciy ( momnogamy )

er. The sack on which the do^ had lain at the door all winter was dusted ^S^mst the wall, then a hole was made for my head and that’s what I was given to wear. Polygamv ….h. Ifcme said they had not ridden to ftngvellir from distant parts just to see thesacjed lava violated

Stelnar was one of the uninvited guests at Pingvellir, representing no one in particular-—scarcely even himself, and

but those of yet more recondite erudition could claim connection with Charlemagne and Frederick Barbarossa, c)£CQuld work their way right back to Agamemnon, n, nobl^lest of the Greeks, the conqueror of Troy. Learne

:s. Many of them claimed kinship with much greater princes than King Kristian Wilhelmsson; and although the farmers gave due respect to the high rank and royal title that the Danes had conferred on this foreigner, it is unlikely King Kristian ever in his whole life found himself in a company of people who considered him so inferior to themselves in pedigree as. did Ihose stunted rickety peasants tramping arou^^jj^ leir crumpled cowhide shoes. It has i

…I wish to profifer you the thanks of my district for giving us what is already ours, namely, permission to walk upright here in Iceland. (Steinar to hsi king !m … And now, since you have brought us justice to this country|I am g to hand over the reins of this nag as a token gift in return.

This is gold, you see, the stuff that creates all the evil in the world, my child.

”What has happened to me, then, Muminy^__gWt_yoi tell me?”

1 gold coin once – then silver

r? On the other hand, if there may be something in the possibility that he is dead, even if it is only just a little bit—how much is that to be reckoned in tears.?’


Dustness matters business matters Business matters

N ow the snow lav deep over the land; and a great darkness; I and no entertainments for the last hundred and fifty years, as was said before; scarcely a light indoors, let alone love or money. But most people understood God, and many could understand sheep (more or less); none the heart. People mu


He’s not just far above ^es and No. mv dear; in the end you get nothing more out of him than a little squeak. He is even above gold. Id. There has never ^een another man like him in Iceland. A nice

”I fell asleep,” said the girl.

”And the man?” asked the pastor.

”He slept,” said the girl.

I ”Wasn’t it a squeeze.’*” said the pastor.

”I won’t say it wasn’t a bit of a squeeze,” said the girl

”But not excessively so.?” asked the pastor. ”I mean, no^Q^ c much that it hurt?’

Then the mother perished, as was the custom in the wilderness at that time. Maria

Their speech was as perfect, certainly, as the chirping of birds, and so polished on the outside and scrubbed on the inside that it took particular dexterity to introduce a foreign phrase; but if one used an old proverb or some well-known quotation from the sagas, people smiled amiably and absently, and had already forgotten it.  (expats !)

flickan på resan ver – mamman dör, hon är med dåliga män,…. oskyldig


polygamy out of solidarity !

Salt Lake, Utah

serves kings – scantily rewarded

För en gångs skull måste jag säga att introduktionen inte svämmar ut i postmodernt hyperpoetiskt nonsens.

parish = församling

scamp = rackare, krabat

pensive = tankfull

eulogize = hylla, prisa

haberdashery = herrekiperingsartiklar / – affär, alternativt sybehörsaffär

adobe = soltorkat tegel


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